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Prelinger Archives
by U.S. Navy
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A young wife learns that freedom must sometimes be paid for in lives, when her husband's ship is struck during battle.
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Topics: World War II: Homefront, World War II: Navy, Patriotism
BBS: The Documentary Archive
by Jason Scott Sadofsky
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Interview with John Sheetz for BBS: The Documentary. Conducted on March 22nd, 2003 in New Providence, New Jersey. Discussions center around teletype art and the use of Ham Radio to transfer text-based images. Techniques in creating RTTY art, the process of transferring artwork over Ham Radio, and some occasional copyright issues are all covered. Speculations on the future of the art, as well as what other skills Mr. Sheetz picked up in the medium. Sadly, Mr. Sheetz passed away in January of...
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Topics: bbs, documentary, sheetz
Prelinger Archives
by Stoney Associates
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Fascinating documentary made to train police officers in the assistance and management of mentally ill and confused persons, produced in New Orleans by eminent filmmaker George C. Stoney using real New Orleans police officers as actors. A little-known ethnographic classic that is strongly rooted in the place where it was made.
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Topics: Psychiatry, Police, Ethnography: U.S.: South